And the Survey Says… ‘People Like Background Checks’


Take your pick: whether it’s a Quinnipiac University poll, CBS News, Public Policy Polling, American Progress or some other survey, every one of these surveys shows the overwhelming majority of Americans support background checks for all firearm transactions.

According to the most recent Quinnipiac survey, 94 percent of Americans support requiring background checks for all gun buyers.

Surveys show overwhelming majorities of Americans support background checks on all firearms transactions.

To a lesser degree, according to a Gallup poll back in 2016, 80 percent support Voter ID laws. Out of that bunch, 95 percent of identified Republicans like Voter ID laws, while only 63 percent of those who identified as Democrats like the requirement.

Bounce back to the Quinnipiac poll about background checks. According to the data, a whopping 98 percent of identified Democrats want universal background checks. Among identified Republicans, 92 percent support background checks for all gun owners.

In poll after poll, according to a report by PolitiFact, all the surveys do show heavy support for background checks, all in the 80- to lower 90-percent range.

Then something interesting happened with the Quinnipiac survey, taken back in May. When the question was “Do you support or oppose requiring individuals to obtain a license before being able to purchase a gun,” 92 percent of Democrats support that, but only 65 percent of Republicans do, and 75 percent of independents like the idea.

And when the question was about supporting or opposing a nationwide ban on the sale of so-called “assault weapons,” only 39 percent of Republicans go along, while 87 percent of Democrats and 63 percent of independents support the idea.

There is invariably a question missing from these surveys. “Do you know the difference between a privilege and a right?”

Rights are not subject to a public vote. They can’t be, except in the minds of people who want to trample on someone else’s exercise of a right they don’t like.

You should not be required to have a license to exercise a constitutionally protected right. Evidently, a lot of people need a civics lesson and a course on the Constitution.

However, There’s A Problem

Longtime readers expected this and Insider Online knows there’s a problem with all of this support for universal background checks.

Criminals universally don’t obey such laws. Bet you didn’t see that coming, eh?

Case in point: In a recent Seattle, Wash. triple shooting that included one dead victim, the suspect arrested by police 48 hours later was a 20-year-old with whom police in nearby Bellevue were very familiar, according to some reports. Now, in Washington, people cannot legally carry a concealed handgun without a concealed pistol license, and you can’t get one of those until you’re at least 21 years old.

Naturally, the liberal, politically correct Seattle mayor issued a statement that blamed the gun rather than the alleged perpetrator. The statement was reported by local CBS affiliate KIRO News.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan seems to blame guns, rather than suspected perpetrators, for fatal shootings in her city.
(Photo: YouTube, KCPQ)

“We must put an end to senseless gun violence – in our public spaces and neighborhoods, and in our homes and schools,” said Mayor Jenny Durkan. “Too many have suffered. Together we must change this culture of violence.

“While this incident does not appear to be random,” she continued, “acts of gun violence have a significant impact on our community, especially in a place like a transit station.

“The City and Seattle Police Department has been deploying new strategies to address public safety issues downtown including emphasis patrols and targeted operations,” Durkan revealed. “We must approach public safety in a holistic manner to most effectively address the root causes of crime and gun violence.”

The suspect in this case is nothing special. Murder suspects in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. get their guns without background checks, because they typically couldn’t pass such a check, anyway.

At last report, the suspected shooter mentioned above was being held on $2 million bail.

By No Small Coincidence

Thirty miles south of Seattle, and in a different county, is the City of Tacoma, where their mayor did something that is going to require a monumental amount of good luck.

She proclaimed a “cease fire” to combat the increase in shooting incidents in the city. The proclamation got some headlines, but whether it gets any traction with trigger-happy gang bangers remains to be seen. Mayor Victoria Woods had just attended a “peace rally” a couple of days before, where people marched, carried signs and hoped for the best.

Tacoma is famous for having a deepwater port. Perhaps the thinking doesn’t go quite as deep as the water in Commencement Bay.

Here’s a Poll People Will question

A couple of weeks ago, social media went crazy when some gun rights activists posted and re-posted links to an MSNBC survey that asked, “Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?”

(Photo: Graphic from MSNBC poll]

Initially, support for legally armed private citizens strolling about with guns was above 90 percent. A paltry 4 percent thought it was too dangerous, and 2-3 percent believed packing a firearm should be restricted to “Only for self-defense.”

But wait a minute! Checking back in on the poll before publishing and the tides have turned. Once a runaway, 57 percent of more than 2.5 million votes now believe carrying guns in public to be too dangerous. Down from 90, a mere 42 percent support the Second Amendment.

It appears just as early pro-gun votes poured in, anti-gun votes have come in bigger waves as of late, but the poll remains open.

Oh, About ‘Deep Thinking’

Speaking of Tacoma, as we were a moment ago, one of those “you can’t make this up” stories made the pages of the Tacoma News Tribune, and Insider Online can safely bet cops, and police beat reporters, will immediately believe this.

An unidentified 32-year-old guy who admitted to being “hooked on heroin” went into a convenience store on Tacoma’s outskirts, and tried to hold the place up with what the newspaper called a “finger gun.”

Our model citizen walks into the store, tells the clerk he’s got a gun in his hooded sweatshirt and demands cash. Then the guy pulls his hand out of the sweatshirt and the clerk immediately deduces the finger isn’t loaded, and pounces on the perp, taking him down to the floor.

Enter a deputy with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. As he is fitting the suspect with a pair of handcuffs, he allegedly stated, “I’m just hungry, man,” and explained that he needed the money to eat because he’s a hungry addict.

Unfortunately, this poor guy couldn’t win for losing. He apparently didn’t even get a bite of jail food, as a judge released him on his own recognizance after pleading not guilty to first-degree robbery.