It’s called ‘knife violence’ and the UK has it


United States gun control advocates who have contended that this country needs to copy the United Kingdom in an effort to reduce violent crime recently took one on the jaw, thanks to a report in The Independent that revealed the dirty, and not-so-little, secret about homicides in that country.

Knife crime, as it is called in the UK, “has hit a new record in England and Wales,” the news agency reported. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as quoted by the Independent, “police recorded 39,332 knife offences, the highest number on record and an annual increase of 12 per cent in the year to June 2018.”

They’ve got a problem with knives in the UK and it proves that gun bans don’t stop determined criminals. (Dave Workman photo)

Violence is up 19 percent, the story said, to nearly 1.5 million reported crimes and homicides are up 14 percent. Robbery is up 22 percent, the report added.

Buried in the Independent’s revealing story was an assertion that, “The government has sought to play down mounting public concern about street murders that have swept Britain this year, and prefers to use crime figures from a national survey that records people’s experiences, rather than what is reported to police.”

Why would the Brits do that?

One possible reason might be that the Torie government has cut funding for police, and they don’t want anybody to start connecting the two factors. But the Independent story quoted John Apter, chair of the Police Federation, who was blunt: “We need more boots on the ground. We have lost nearly 22,000 officers since 2010, and there are now only 122,404 across the whole of England and Wales tasked with trying to stem the rising tide of violent crime.”

The government, the Independent acknowledged, “denies that falling officer numbers have directly contributed to rising crime.”

British outrage in the aftermath of the Dunblane school massacre in 1996 cost gun-owning citizens plenty. After the shooting, the government banned nearly all handguns. Now, 23 years later, would anybody expect that same government to acknowledge that criminals ignore gun bans and find some other weapon to harm people.

But, like anti-gunners in the U.S., the British have coined the term “knife crime.” They blame the tool, not the fool using it. There’s been a campaign to get people to turn in their knives, as if that would be any more successful at preventing crime than this country’s so-called “gun buybacks.” The data above should put the lie to that argument forever.

What’s It Matter To The U.S.?

The obvious question is why does what happens in the United Kingdom matter to American gun owners?

Because it refutes what anti-gunners have been suggesting for years, that everyone would be safer if American citizens were disarmed. It would be a difficult task to disarm the United States, and if proponents of civilian disarmament were honest with the facts, it would be impossible to convince citizens to give up their guns, not that they’re ready to even think about it now.

Case in point: Ohio. According to a report from WHIO News, there are now 684,938 Ohio citizens who are licensed to carry concealed handguns. That number represents about 8 percent of the adult population over age 20, the report noted.

In Ohio, as elsewhere, the number of legally-armed citizens is growing, despite efforts by anti-gunners to discourage them. (Dave Workman photo)

Out in Washington State, which has the second-highest number of concealed pistol licenses of any state in the West, excluding Texas, more than 612,000 citizens have CPLs, according to that state’s Department of Licensing. That number represents roughly 9-10 percent of the adult population. Utah, at the end of 2017, had more than 698,000 permits in circulation, according to a website called Guns to Carry. Part of that may be due to the number of non-Utah residents who have received the coveted Utah permit allowing them to carry in lots of states.

At least three states — Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas — have more than a million carry permits in circulation.

While there are concerted efforts to discourage Washington residents from renewing or applying for a CPL, other states seem to be fine with the number of licensed citizens. And that bothers the gun control lobby considerably.

Another Extremist Gun Law Proposal

Just when you thought Congressional Democrats couldn’t get farther into the weeds with their gun control schemes, along comes Congressman Ted Deutch of Florida to offer this gem: the “National Firearms Amendments Act of 2019.”

Deutch wants to change federal law to place all semiautomatic rifles and shotguns under regulation of the National Firearms Act, just like full-auto machineguns.

Does that look like a machinegun to you? It apparently does to Florida Democrat Ted Deutch. (Dave Workman photo)

The legislation, H.R. 1263, was quickly referred to the House Ways and Means Committee. If Democrats are smart, that’s where it will gather dust. But Democrats seem determined to push every gun control proposal that they can before the 2020 campaign season rolls around.

The smart money would be on this legislation being DOA in the U.S. Senate if it ever passes out of the House, only because there are a lot more Republicans who probably have rifles and shotguns than the current crop of House Democrats. Who’s going to reclassify grandpa’s vintage Browning A5 in the same category as a Thompson submachine gun? Who’d do that to a grandson, niece or nephew who owns a Ruger 10/22?

Back Across The Pond

British Prime Minister Theresa May was preparing to call a “summit” on how to deal with her country’s “soaring knife-crime rate,” according to CBC News, at this writing.

It’s the same sort of thing one hears in this country when government officials want to make it look like they’re doing something constructive. But May’s proposal was to “tackle the causes of violence” and meet with some of the victims, but she wouldn’t commit to spending more money for law enforcement.

Declaring that “we can’t arrest our way (out) of this problem,” May insisted that “We will only defeat the scourge of violence if we understand and address its complex root causes.”

How about admitting that people who attack or kill other people with knives are scumbags, and treat them as such?