Welcome to the surreal: Media, anti-gun Dems help
spike gun sales with rhetoric


BULLETIN: NYC Wants Out of Supreme Court challenge to handgun law

The Wall Street Journal earlier this week that the City of New York is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to “drop its planned review of a gun rights case” involving the city’s restrictive policy barring licensed handgun owners from traveling outside the city with their sidearms.

The city’s argument is simple: “We’re changing the law.”

But attorney Paul Clement, representing the New York Rifle and Pistol Association, in a case supported by the National Rifle Association, is effectively saying “not so fast.” In a letter to the high court, Clement reportedly wrote, “It is not at all clear that the City has foresworn the power to control where its residents may transport their duly licensed handguns or that there are no continuing effects from past violations of licensing restrictions.”

Earlier this year, when the high court accepted the case—the first Second Amendment case it has considered since the Second Amendment Foundation’s 2010 McDonald v. City of Chicago landmark—many observers suggested the Supremes would not have granted review if they intended to uphold the New York City gun law.

And that’s what frightens Big Apple anti-gunners, along with gun control proponents across the landscape. With Associate Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch now on the bench, it could mean another significant ruling to strengthen Second Amendment rights waits over the horizon.

Some gun rights proponents believe the city, by scrambling to change the regulation in order to avoid a court ruling, is essentially admitting that its gun control scheme went too far.

But a Supreme Court ruling that says so would open the door for other gun law challenges. Anti-gunners want it both ways. They want to treat gun owners as second-class citizens and the Second Amendment as protective of a second-class right, but never be held accountable for doing so.

Keep your eye on this one. This column certainly will.



Welcome to the surreal: Media, anti-gun Dems help spike gun sales with rhetoric

One supposes there is a rough justice in the revelation contained in a study recently released by NYU Tandon School of Engineering that credited media coverage of the gun control debate in the wake of a mass shooting for spurring gun sales.

It’s similar to the contention made by people in the firearms industry and Second Amendment movement about anti-gun Democrats. The minute they start talking about stricter gun laws, the lines begin forming at retail gun stores.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is one of four Capitol Hill anti-gunners who are pushing
more gun control legislation. [Screen snip, YouTube, ABC News]

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and three colleagues recently announced a new effort, this one aimed at banning suppressors. More about that in a minute.

But this is no hair-brained theory. According to NYU, this study was done “in collaboration with faculty at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and Northeastern University. Those guys don’t do research just for laughs.

The result of this study is almost mind-boggling. The mainstream media has long been regarded as tilting toward, if not decidedly supportive of, tougher gun laws and discouraging citizens from exercising their right to keep and bear arms. So for gun control stories and/or editorials to energize gun buying might qualify as the irony of the year.

The study is titled “Media Coverage and Firearms Acquisition in the Aftermath of a Mass Shooting.” The lead author is NYU Tandon Prof. Maurizio Porfiri. According to an NYU release, he’s a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

There’s a caveat. It’s not the mass shootings, themselves, that ignite gun sales. It’s the media’s reporting.

Former President Barack Obama probably didn’t like being called the best gun salesman in America, and in 2016 leading up to the November election, Hillary Clinton’s predicted win contributed to healthy gun and ammunition sales.

There has been a noticeable lethargy in business for gun manufacturers since Donald Trump took office. But over the next 16 months, heading toward the 2020 national elections, if it looks like Trump will lose, just watch gun sales spark anew. At least, that has been the pattern when Democrats take control.

Silence is Golden

We’ll see just how serious this gets as a quartet of anti-gun U.S. Senators pushes legislation to ban suppressors because one was used by the now-deceased murderer in Virginia Beach.

It’s the usual cast of characters: Senators Feinstein, Richard Blumenthal, Bob Menendez and Tim Kaine, all Democrats. Their bill is creatively dubbed the HEAR (for Help Empower Americans to Respond Act, which may fool some gun people into supporting it, thinking it’s a revival of the proposed Hearing Protection Act.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) never met a gun control measure he didn’t
like. [Screen snip, YouTube, CBS]

But this measure isn’t a good thing for the firearms community. If passed, it would “authorize a buyback program for silencers” as if the government ever owned them in the first place. It would give owners a 90-day grace period to comply with the ban. Of course, there would be “limited exceptions for certain current and former law enforcement personnel.”

One is compelled to ask why would current and former civilian law enforcement officers get a pass?

When the bill was introduced a couple of weeks ago, it allowed Feinstein an opportunity to dust off some old rhetoric, make the required changes in the vernacular, and blurt, “Dangerous gun silencers, like the one used in the Virginia Beach shooting…don’t belong in our communities. This legislation is a commonsense proposal that will save lives.”

Pay close attention to learn whether suppressor sales get a boost.

New Winchester 10mm Loads

Being a devotee of the .41 Magnum, Insider Online keeps an eye on cartridges “in the neighborhood,” so when Winchester announced a couple of new 10mm Auto loads, we paid attention.

One of our best hunting buddies also carries a 10mm auto, so there’s always good reason to know what’s heading to dealer shelves. When the 10mm was first introduced a few decades ago, it was touted as the semi-auto equivalent of the .41 Magnum.

In actuality, it falls somewhere between the .41 Magnum and the .357 Magnum, depending upon the specific load, and it’s got a punch.

According to a bulletin from the folks in East Alton, Ill., the new loads are both 180-grainers, one evidently for practice and the other for serious business. The practice/range load features an FMJ with a flat nose that leaves the muzzle at a reported 1,080 fps, while the defensive/hunting load is a Defender offering with a JHP that warps out of the barrel at 1,240 fps.

That’s certainly in the .41 Magnum class, and might easily put the hurt on a deer, black bear and similar-sized game including a mountain lion. Predators of the two-legged variety might also be in trouble.

According to Winchester, the Defender is a bonded projectile that provides greater weight retention and consistent penetration.

Robber disconnected in Kansas

A would-be armed robber at a Boost Mobile store in Overland Park, Kansas last month was put on permanent hold when the armed store manager fatally shot him in self-defense under Kansas statute, after the robber demanded cell phones.

The unidentified manager’s actions were justified so no charges were filed by Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe.

Quoted by the Kansas City Star, Howe said in a statement that the shooting of De’Shawn L. Brim “was a valid exercise of self-defense.” The caper unfolded on the evening of June 10.

Published reports say Brim walked into the store and “displayed a firearm” as he demanded the cell phones. But Brim botched things when he jumped over the counter, evidently giving the store manager time to draw his own gun and put an abrupt halt to the robbery try. He died at the scene.

Brim was 35 years old, according to an obituary that appeared in the Star, and according to the Shawnee Mission Post, the late Mr. Brim was on parole at the time of his sudden demise. This raises a question about the effectiveness of gun control laws, since convicted criminals aren’t supposed to possess firearms.

The incident was apparently captured on the store’s security camera. Both men had guns aimed at one another but the manager was first on the trigger.