Invisible Bag?

Maxpedition rewrote the book on heavy-duty outdoors sewn goods and, since storming into the market, have leaded the pack with tough, affordable, high-performance gear. If you carry a gun, work the streets as a cop, go into battle, hike up Everest or just need a “little” something to tote your gear when you travel to and from work or school, Tim Tang the guru behind Maxpedition is there for you. The only glitch, if there could be one, is the fact since so many cops, soldiers and others of the ilk carry Maxpedition gear, it has gotten to be sorta’ affiliated with people who carry guns and such.

Now I’m not sure the mainstream “Sam and Suzi Homemaker” crowd notice, but we gun people might, and just maybe some bad guys will too. Then again, why’s that so bad? If I’m a cop and I think you’re a cop, then I know if something comes up, I’ll probably have cover at-hand. If you’re a bad guy and you notice I possibly might be a cop — with a gun — then you might just behave. But still, some people wanted something a bit more “invisible” — if you get my drift.

Two of Tim’s most popular packs, the Fatboy (shown) and Jumbo Versipack now come in, shall we say, discrete colors. Looking more like something you’d buy over the counter in a trendy mall store, the new colors offer a lower-key look, passing more as a book or goodie bag rather than a “Hey, I’ve got my roscoe stashed in here!” bag. Maxpedition did away with all the MOLLE loops and Velcro patches, but kept all the other cool features. They also did a great job with colors such as royal blue, dark blue, red, maroon, yellow, orange, green (not OD but good ol’ plain green) and — don’t hate me, I’m just the messenger — pink. Hey, some people like it. I use their gear almost daily, just so you know. For more info:

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