J-Frame Griplight

Shucks? Who says “shucks” anymore? His Editorial Immenseness, Roy-Boy does. I asked him why I had to trip across Hyskore’s cool Griplight for round butt J-frame revolvers on my own, and then hear from a third party our own Roy-Boy designed it. So, why didn’t ya tell me, huh?

“Well, umm, shucks — I didn’t want to write it up myself or assign somebody to do it because, ahh … That would be like, umm …” “Pimpin’ it?” I asked. “Go play with a tractor or something,” I told him. “I got this. Shucks? Really?”

For many armed citizens, a J-frame snubbie is their only firearm, filling multiple roles in CCW, home defense and “travel insurance.” Nothing beats a compact revolver for simplicity of operation and “extended untended reliability.” I love my big autopistols, but when I step out in the dark to the garage, the shed, whatever, the snubbie and a light are perfect partners — even better if you have a capable light on that pocket roscoe, leaving one hand completely free.

Roy told me he always liked the idea of a light on a J-frame so put his mind on it. I think he got the design right, and Hyskore executed it well. The unit easily replaces your standard grip with, in most cases, a much better one. The central frame and light “arm” are rugged aluminum, and the front and rear grip inserts are nicely textured, shock-absorbing rubbery-stuff. The ergonomics and handling characteristics are first-rate. It’s engineered to handle hot .357 Magnum loads with no sweat.

The light sits above the cylinder on the right side and is intuitively activated by a protruding micro-switch on the grip where your middle finger rests. “Blipping” the light on and off while maintaining a good grip is easy. A master on-off switch is recessed into the butt. The CREE LED is surprisingly bright (over 100 lumens) and delivers a broad floodlight effect, only marginally obstructed by the barrel at the low seven o’clock position at very close range. It also illuminates your front sight beautifully. It’s powered by a CR2 battery which packs more juice than flat coin cells, and gives you at least 30 minutes of constant runtime — enough for lots of bump-in-the-night checks.

The light is offset from the revolver just enough to slide on the outside of many thin nylon J-frame pocket holsters, or generally fits inside one for a K-frame. It dumped in a pocket just fine too. The best part? It’s around $129! For more info: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/cylinder-slide-inc (800) 448-1713.
By John Connor

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