Ka-Bar Zombie Killers

Okay, so I don’t know what brought it on either, but this whole zombie killer thing has taken flight. But, think about it, it means companies are making “things” that will work in a last-ditch attack against zombies. So … anything saying it’s zombie proof, would probably work for weeding the yard, keeping pests out of the garden and even protecting Sam and Suzi Homemaker against real-world gremlins.

Enter Ka-Bar ZK Knives (Zombie Killers, get it?), definitely cutters that could save anyone’s keister if it needed saving. If you don’t know who Ka-Bar is, go hide under a rock. Can you say, Marine Corps knife? Today’s Ka-Bar is famous for great value and performance, in knives showcasing innovation and practical use in the real world. All fun aside, I found the ZK knives to be affordable ($40 for the folder, to $75 for the fixed blades), tough as old door nails and shaped to do hard work if called upon. I liked the bright neon-green handle scales since you can find ’em if you lay them down in the weeds, but each comes supplied with black scales if you’re more conservative. The supplied nylon sheaths have plastic inserts to keep the (sharp) edges from skewering them, and each knife has just enough heft to get a serious job done.

I found the “Pestilence” chopper (first on the left) to be just the ticket for chopping vines and other miscreant things attacking the old oaks on our land here. “Take that,” I found myself saying, as I hacked away. Okay, they weren’t zombies, but a wrist-thick vine of poison ivy might qualify at some level? I label the ZK knives in the saving humanity category, nonetheless.

All the knives are lightweight, well designed and, hey, let’s just say it … fun! If you think zombies might be in your future, you can’t go wrong. Here we have certified Zombie Killers, from a company who knows a thing or two about defensive knives. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/kabar or (800) 282-0130

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