Ken Onion “Rain” Kitchen Knives

Yeah, I know, we’re a gun magazine, so why are we looking at kitchen knives? Because I know you like good kitchen knives, because you like good guns and other gear. And you have to admit using a sharp, perfectly balanced blade to get that juicy venison roast going just sweetens the deal, eh? Well, this is a treat, and I promise that.

Ken Onion is not only an old friend but one the world’s premiere knife designers. He’s also the youngest to be inducted into the Knifemakers Hall of Fame, so he knows what he’s doing. The concept of the “assisted opening” knife was invented by Ken, and he went on to create dozens of iconic designs for a cross-section of key knifemakers in the industry. Not long ago, Ken set his sights on a no-limits kitchen knife series and Chef Works thought that was a great idea. Called their Rain Series, all were designed by Ken and have his touch at every level. They’re also made 100 percent in the US, which makes me smile.

The cross-section shown has been in use in the Huntington Kitchen for some time now and work as advertised. They are tops in ergonomics, and the beautiful “Rain” pattern is more than just lipstick, it actually helps to reduce both surface tension and drag across the entire blade by creating tiny air pockets. This reduces the surface area in contact with the blade and helps the blades move effortlessly through whatever you’re cutting. It works, too.

The blades are of a high-performance grade stainless steel with indestructible G-10 Garolite handle material. They are attractive, light, fast and sure in your hand, and each blade is designed for a specific task. My favorite is the 6″ Cooks knife, a good all-around cutter (center) but the 7″ Santility knife (bottom) is also in constant use. The 6″ Supreme Utility knife (top) makes crunching through bundles of carrots or other tough cutting shores easy. Around $150 to $200 each depending upon style — but you get what you pay for. For more info: (800) 372-6621
By Roy Huntington

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