Kershaw Barge


By Mark Kakkuri

You and I have been carrying folding knives in our pockets for decades. And I’ll bet you and I have used a pocketknife not only for cutting and slicing but also for prying and scraping — oftentimes beyond the scope of the knife’s design. I’ve lost more than a few knife tips when prying — maybe opening a paint can or similar task — knowing full well in the moment I should stop and find the right tool for the job. But I continue to pry and then snap, it’s done. So Kershaw may have had me in mind when it designed the Barge. The Barge blade opens manually with a thumb stud, stays open via a frame lock. The blade steel is 8Cr13MoV with a stonewashed finish, hiding any scratches from use. A modified Wharncliffe design measuring 2.6″ in length, the blade allows you to push through a cut with significant downward force, allowing for cutting through just about anything.

The Barge measures 4.7″ closed, 7.3″ open and weighs 5.4 oz. In other words, it’s a small but very handy and maneuverable pocketknife, worth its retail price of $34.99 for the cutting utility alone. But the Barge’s key feature is a very useful pry bar on the end of the knife opposite the blade. It’s built into the backspacer of the knife and, in my experience of carrying it for over six months, handled every pry job I could throw at it. The edge of the pry bar isn’t sharp but it certainly is very strong, allowing for significant leverage. The Barge also comes with a left/right reversible clip for tip-down pocket carry. A great idea, well executed and a tremendous value. For more info:, Ph: (800) 325-2891.

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