Kramer Holster

By Mark Kakkuri

I know you’ve heard of Kramer Leather, an icon in the industry if ever there was one. This is the company’s IWB #2 holster in horsehide. With those double belt loops, it looks like a lot of IWB holsters you’ve seen. To be sure, it’s a popular design because it’s an effective system for carrying a concealed gun. But Kramer takes the design a few steps further. This holster is made from horsehide, so it’s more durable and stiffer than most. But not just any horsehide. This holster’s leather is a specially-treated throat band of horsehide. As such it won’t collapse or give way when the gun is drawn. Also, the belt loops are affixed with screws instead of snaps, allowing for adjustment of loop size. This means the holster will fit belts from 11/4″ to 13/4″ widths. The flatter screws also hide better than traditional snaps, aiding in concealment.

Currently riding in the Kramer IWB is a GLOCK 19. The gun-in-holster fit can only be described as perfect, and the holster-in-waistband fit is the same. Holding the GLOCK at a forward cant, the Kramer IWB puts the gun’s stocks up alongside my back, easily hidden with a T-shirt and easily accessible with a very natural draw motion. Gun out and up in one second. And gun returned to holster (carefully!) with one hand. As for putting this holster on and off, the screwed-down loops slow the process somewhat but in the end you’re rewarded with a sure and steady rig fitting very well which will outlast you. IWB #2 retails for $145.20 and if you really, really want the belt loop snaps, add $20. Also available in black cowhide for Colt and S&W revolvers only. For more info:, Ph: (888) 572-6371

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