Larry Kelly Of Mag-Na-Port

Friend And Innovator

If you are fortunate in life you will have friends, good friends and a very few special friends who become lifelong soul mates. With those few people a relationship forms and exists like none other. It’s indescribable but recognizable. In that regard I’ve been very fortunate. My true best friend is of course Jane, my wife of over 50 years. Next was Larry Kelly, in a relationship that lasted well over 40 years. He is gone now and I miss him badly.

Kelly’s life, like most others, was a series of triumphs and tragedies. As a child he roamed the streets of inner city Detroit instead of going to school because the teachers beat him badly. He could have followed the path of many others and simply become a criminal. Instead he became determined to make something of his life, and through a lot of hard work became an EDM operator.

Electrical Discharge Machining was a new technology at the time and eventually Kelly and two friends started and successfully operated Apollo EDM. Early work involving the space program nurtured the idea of slotting gun barrels to vent high-pressure gasses and control muzzle lift and reduce recoil. Since EDM removes molecules of metal by electrical current there is no problem with “burrs” left by conventional machining methods, so a bullet or shot charge can pass the holes in the barrel without damage and allow gasses to vent and do their job.

Stepping back a bit, Kelly found and married his soul mate, Barbara, early in life and began a family during hard times. Dogs, rabbits and a shotgun provided a lot of grub for the new family for years. Handguns were always interesting and eventually became his main interest in guns. He bought his first .44 Magnum, a Ruger Flattop, on time-payments at a K-Mart. Hunting with a handgun developed early. Deer were the quarry.

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