Laser Ammo Surestrike

Since moving to Missouri, I’m blessed with being able to literally step outside my home office door and shoot guns. It’s made writing articles and doing a bit of enjoyable plinking a delight. But I sorely remember the bad old days of living in Southern California and having to pack a trunk full of stuff to spend a long day at the range; both to get shooting done for articles and to try to get a bit of personal practice in too. So, I always keep my good eye open for goodies that more urban-bound shooters might use to help keep their edge. It makes it hard to “keep your edge” as it were.

Regular safe dry-firing allows you to practice sight pictures, stance and trigger squeeze in the comfort of your home or garage. But the key here is doing it safely, and that’s where something like the SureStrike might help. Basically, the SureStrike is a tiny laser fit neatly into a 9mm dummy cartridge. There’s a striking pad where the primer would normally be. You unload your gun, insert the SureStrike, screw in the accessory barrel liner/safety mechanism which attaches to the bullet end of the SureStrike in the chamber, and top it with the bright red cap on the muzzle showing the gun is safely empty.

Now, all you need to do is dry-fire to your heart’s content. Each time you cycle the trigger, the firing pin hits the SureStrike and it “fires” a pulse of laser light at an included target, or at one of your own choosing. It won’t interfere with cycling the slide or mag changes, but won’t allow the chambering of a live round. When you dry fire, you’ll get a nice, red hit on the target, showing where you were aiming at the time. It works for fast shooting — to work on target acquisition — or even simple target practice. You can buy chamber adaptors to allow the 9mm SureStrike to be used in the .40 S&W, .45 GAP, .45 Colt or 12-gauge shotgun. It’s about $200, and lasts up to 5,000 strikes before you need to change the battery. For more info:

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