Laserlyte Venom Laser

I’m a big fan of those tiny North American Arms wheelguns. They make a bunch of models, and you can pretty much pick and choose those fitting your needs best. But, for sheer versatility, the “bigger” ones (and I use that term bigger loosely) might be the most useful. At about 8 ounces and less than 6″ overall (depending on barrel length), their .22 Magnum Black Widow line and Mini-Master models (longer barrels) might be the most useful of the lot. They are pocket friendly and pack a bit of punch too.
Now, to augment the NAA excellent fixed or adjustable sights, LaserLyte has crafted a laser system taking advantage of the NAA’s unique cylinder pin configuration. You simply take out the factory pin (as you would to remove the cylinder for loading/unloading) and replace it with the LaserLyte VENOM laser system, built right onto a replacement cylinder pin. It’s already sighted-in, and only adds just over a half-ounce to the tiny package. The laser is programmable; you can set it for constant-on or pulse modes, and has an automatic shutoff after 6 minutes to save batteries. It will run for up to 5 hours in constant-on mode, and uses commonly available 4×377 batteries.

Cost is about $159 for the laser (the gun’s not included, silly). Plus, you can drive your cat insane chasing the laser. I know, I know … unload the gun first so you don’t accidentally shoot Crumpet the Kitty. On second thought … Just kidding. No really, just kidding. Honest … For more info:, (928) 649-3201
By Roy Huntington

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