Lessons From ILEETA

For the last several years ILEETA, the International Law Enforcement Educators’ and Trainers’ Association, has been a blue-chip provider of cutting edge training for police instructors. The 2011 conclave was no different.

More than a decade ago, after the Columbine atrocity, American law enforcement realized it needed to respond to mass murder situations with a faster strategy than the containment tactics of the past. Top trainers, such as Police Chief Jeff Chudwin, emphasize we could expect to face Mumbai-type situations in this country, and the model for Mumbai may well have been the Howard Johnson’s sniper incident decades ago in New Orleans. Colonel Bob Lindsay, now retired, was one of the cops who stormed onto the roof of that hotel to end the incident, and was there at ILEETA to contribute his wisdom. We’ve progressed today to faster gathering, often ad hoc groups of cops deploying to seek and neutralize a mass murderer who may be killing innocent victims at a rate of two victims per minute (Columbine) or even eight victims per minute (Dunblane).

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One thought on “Lessons From ILEETA

  1. Lee Huffman

    I have a question unrelated to the above “lesson”.
    I was re-reading an issue regarding the pistols you had been wearing this year, you mentioned 45’s, K frames and the 357 SIG round [also a favorite of mine, as well as 1911’s], but it struck me as funny how you didn’t mention the 40 S&W round.
    Do you not like this round anymore?

    Thank you for the well thought out articles and lessons to think about.

    Lee Huffman
    Fishers, IN

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