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By Aimee Grant

Somehow the lumens get bigger and the lights get smaller. I used to think some of these flashlights were overkill — until I tasked them with jobs suitable to their size. Especially after a class at Gunsite. I was taught the thing which defeats light is — light. Well then, give me the 2,200 lumen monster and let’s see who can still see!


Streamlight’s Super Siege and the “mini-me” Siege AA lights are like brothers from another mother. The Super Siege is a powerhouse of 1,100 lumens and is rechargeable, also enabling you to charge other USB chargeables using its port. It has D rings on the top and bottom and a storage container for the charger! The Siege AA is named after its power source and has three modes. The Siege will cast a glow 360 degrees and the white C4 LED option produces 200 lumens. There’s also the blue LED model with less than one lumen — it runs for up to 12 days. Bonus, if you buy the Blue model, $2 of every purchase goes to the Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.).


The 3310 Emergency Lighting System by Pelican may be the perfect emergency light. It provides 234 lumens for up to 190 hours! The mountable case keeps the ELS exactly where you need it in an emergency situation, and it glows in the dark. This light is perfect for home emergencies or in your disaster preparedness kit.


3 The Bravo B333 by Elzetta is fully customizable and has fully encased circuit boards and soldered joints in a hardened epoxy to eliminate failures. There are numerous bezels, lenses and tail caps for over 144 configurations and up to 900 lumens. Elzetta lights are proudly made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.


The SureFire PX2 Fury with Intellibeam Technology has auto-adjusting technology and multiple settings. At 600 lumens it runs for 1.5 hours. The “auto adjusting” beam continuously changes the light output as needed, adjusting the intensity to the environment. This “smart” light does the thinking for you. Amazing.


The Kinetic Concealment LC-01light and laser combo pairs both your love for lasers and a need for light. The 200-lumen light has three modes and can be run with or without the laser. The battery changes out easily with the push of a button. The LC-01 weighs in at 5.32 oz. and it’s light on bulk, but heavy on features.


Don’t want to carry a laser on your sub-compact because you don’t want to add weight? The LaserMax Micro II is the latest and lightest laser system by LaserMax. It installs onto any Picatinny rail system, with auto shut off and constant- and pulse-mode among its features. The Micro II is less than 1″ in length and weighs less than a half-ounce. This means no snagging, and the only thing you’re “adding” is versatility.


The newest edition to the Tuff Writer family of flashlights is the Bolt Action Mini. Housed in an aerospace-grade aluminum tube with a stainless steel clip and bolt, the smooth “bolt” action flashlight has three modes ranging from 100 lumens down to five. The Bolt Action Mini is just over 0.5″ thick and just under 5″ long. This handsome light is sleek enough to wear with your suit, yet durable enough to withstand punishment.

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