Meopix iScoping Adaptor

My forehead is getting flatter because it seems I’m constantly hitting it with my palm while saying, “Gads, why didn’t I think of that!” This is another one of those times. The MeoPix iPhone adaptor is an elegantly simple device linking your iPhone and its cool camera (and video) with a good quality optical instrument. The adaptor is obviously high-quality, and is basically an injection molded polycarbonate sleeve acting as an interface between your handy iPhone (including iPhone 5 versions), and a spotting scope or binocular. The eyepiece comes in several sizes so you just need to match the model with the diameter of the eyepiece of your optics (42mm, 44mm, etc.).

Your phone simply slides into the adaptor and once it’s snugged onto the eyepiece (I used a Meopta spotting scope), it automatically aligns the built-in camera lens of the iPhone with the sweet spot of the eye piece in the scope. Sometimes you need to do a bit of tweaking to get it aligned just right, but once lined-up, you then simply use the focus in the scope and the camera’s built-in focus program does the rest of the work. Touch the screen when you like the picture you see and you’ve made photography history. Or at least you’ve got a really, really good picture of that pesky neighbor dog getting into your trash can — again. Gotcha’!

I took the requisite “Here’s the birdies feeding at the feeder” pictures and they came out perfectly. This would be fun to use on a prairie dog shoot or to see bullet strikes on your target in real time with video! About $75 or so, and made 100 percent in the USA. For more info:, (800) 828 8928
By Roy Huntington

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