Midland Holster

By Mark Kakkuri

There’s an old joke about a small Czechoslovakian man who was running away from some bullies and decided to duck into a bank to hide, right as it was closing. Upon entering the bank, he said to the bank manager, “I’m sorry, but is it too late to cache a small Czech?” Ba-Da-Bing!

Here, the small Czech is the CZ RAMI, a subcompact 9mm sporting a smooth DA/SA trigger and reliability and accuracy to rival anything in its class. It’s best feature, however, is its fit in-hand — one of the most natural fits I’ve ever experienced and typical of CZ guns. And all the RAMI’s great attributes are replicated in the American Holster Company’s Midland holster, an OWB belt slide made with premium leather. Great fit, stable, reliable and good-looking, too. Custom made for the RAMI, the Midland features a straight drop and two belt loops for carrying at 3 or 4 o’clock. You could go cross draw with this rig, too. The inside of the holster features a smooth leather while the outside features the natural texture of the leather. Available in a myriad of color combinations, Midland is a good-looking holster and often steals the show from the RAMI. But like the CZ in my hand, the Midland carries the CZ perfectly and easily hides under a couple t-shirts or other un-tucked garments.

American Holster Company holsters are made in America, one at a time, by Jay Nelson, a friendly and professional gentleman whose aim is your complete satisfaction. Other models include the Invisi-Tuk IWB, Invisi-Tuk Extreme, Leather OWB Paddle, L.E.C. Paddle and High-Ride OWB. The Midland retails for $132. For more info, www.americanhandgunner.com/index, Ph: (989) 941-6242

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