Military Handguns Of WWII Series

Editor’s Note: We’re excited to begin this exclusive on-line series by Duke on the Military Handguns Of WWII Series. It will be running monthly on Handgunner’s website, over the following 12 issues. Make sure you return each month (even on the month we don’t publish the print edition!) to catch the next installment! Roy Huntington

By Mike “Duke” Venturino

Photos By Yvonne Venturino


German P08 “Luger”

Part 1 of 13

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Japanese Type 14  8mm Nambu

Part 2 of 13

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The British Enfield No. 2 .38

Part 3 of 13

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us model

The U.S. Model 1917 .45 ACP ( Colt Version )

Part 4 of 12

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The German P38 9mm

Part 5 of 13

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smith & wesson

The Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector, 2nd Model .455 Webley

Part 6 of 13

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part 7

U.S Model 1911/1911A1

Part 7 of 13

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part 8

The French Model 1935A

Part 8 of 13

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Smith & Wesson Model 1917

Part 9 of 13

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Handguns part 10

The Webley MK V1 .455

Part 10 of 13

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Soviet Handguns

Part 11 of 13

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handguns of wwII part 12

Reloading For World War II Handguns

Part 12 of 13

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Powders For Reloading World War II Handguns

Part 13 of 13

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4 thoughts on “Military Handguns Of WWII Series

  1. craig guinn

    Thank you so much for this series of wwII handguns. My father was in the army aircorps in WWII as a waist gunner in a B-24 and a grunt in korea so I am very familiar w/most of those weapons. I always appreciate any additional information about WWII,its weapons and equipment.


  2. David Gillis

    Very good series. I love learning history of weapons that were really used by warriors. I would love to see a write up of the Tokerev 7.62×25. I am intrigued by that pistol and caliber.


  3. Craig Cllyde

    Duke’s articles about WWII handguns are terrific… Like so many baby-boomers I grew up on the US handguns as a boy. And later as a collector came to appreciate the need for a reliable handgun in combat. I find it fascinating how military contracts (and eventually the products) are chosen by various armed forces. I own a number of the firearms mentioned in this 12 part series but have learned a great deal from the fine reporting.

  4. Steve Bond

    Dang this is exactly why I subscribe year after year to the ‘paper’ magazine ! Why isn’t this printed there ? All I get there seems to be ‘plastic pistols’ !
    Steve Bond Reelsville, IN.

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