Mini Replica 1911

The firearms industry is full of very talented people who are masters of their crafts. And sometimes we discover the really cool stuff they make … and we just have to pass along word to you.

Take, for instance, this mini replica 1911 available at From their website:

This highly detailed, superior crafted replica is one-quarter the size of the actual pistol. Just 2 1/4″ long, cast from hard zinc metal, Silver plated and antiqued to show the extraordinary detail on both sides. This is a collectors classic. The replica is housed in a Black velvet presentation box with a preformed Red felt insert accompanied by a Gold plated identification tag with the 2nd Amendment logo gilded in Gold on the linen covering the inside of the lid of the box.


mini 45 copy_edited-1

That’s a real .45 ACP cartridge in the box, just to give you an idea of scale. The mini replica 1911 retails for $19.95 but if you order one of the company’s 2nd Amendment personalized belt buckles (retail $34.95), you can get the 1911 for $9.95.

belt buckle 2

About the belt buckles:

These attractive, personalized 2nd Amendment belt buckles are cast from high-strength zinc metal, photo-etched with the inscriptions of your choice, triple electroplated in a variety of finishes and inlaid with a selection of hard enamel colors from which you can choose. These are out-of-the-ordinary belt buckles. The words you specify to showcase your sentiments will make your buckle a one-of-a-kind treasure. One that will be admired by those fellow patriots that uphold the United States citizens right to bear arms to protect and defend their family, friends, property and the American nation.

As for the mini replica 1911’s, well, they’re some of the best we’ve seen.

— Mark Kakkuri