Morris Custom’s SST1

Suppressor Specific Tier 1.

Mark Morris, the 1-man dynamo behind the shop bearing his name — actually, the only man in the shop — is one of those guys who seem to be able to manage just about anything. The term “Renaissance” man is often bandied about, but in Mark’s case, it actually applies. From musician, motorcycle racer, competitor, machinist and professional photographer, to talented custom pistolsmith, Mark does it all with aplomb. But the interesting suppressed custom gun from his shop we feature here is something new — even for Mark.

Mark started doing custom work when he became dissatisfied with the work done by others on his own competition pistols. By the early 1980s, Mark had teamed up with friend Bob Rector (a machinist and hobby pistolsmith) to learn how to do his own work. In no time, Mark was building guns for friends and local competitors in the Washington state area.

From about 1989 to 1993, Mark worked as a fugitive apprehension specialist (learning to appreciate top quality and reliability in a defensive handgun in the process), and ran his shop on a part time basis. In 1993, Mark went full-time into the custom pistol business and hasn’t looked back.

According to Mark, “With my background in competition and real world carry, as well as my passion for perfection, I build pistols the way I believe they should be built — reliable, accurate, beautiful to look at and a pleasure to shoot.”

Until this test gun (actually a 3-gun series Mark built), his previous work tended toward the artistic, while still adhering to his mantra of reliability and accuracy. They were, as our photographer Chuck Pittman is fond of saying — pretty too. Mark has an element of thinker/philosopher about him, and his eye is drawn toward elegance in detail, and often one line, or a minor shape change in a part, can mean a world of difference in a look — and Mark can see it. His “Yin/Yang” logo is appropriate, if you ask me, showcasing his willingness and understanding of the need for highly functional tools that also appeal to the eye and senses.
Story By Roy Huntington
Photos By Chuck Pittman, Inc.

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