N82 Professional Holster

I wrote the Handgun Leather column in Handgunner for some years (we call it Carry Options now), so saw about everything coming down the pike when it came to holsters. It was rare there was something truly new. But the two guys who started N82 Tactical (Nate Johnson and Nate Beard — N-8-Squared, get it?) have come up with some very cool ideas. As someone who has struggled with comfortable gun carry for almost 40 years, I’m still on the lookout for new ways to get through the day without back, side or nerve pain. Guns, even light ones, are heavy after some hours, and tend to poke, prod, pry and otherwise dominate your comfort — or lack of it.

The two Nates have developed a series of three models (the one shown is the latest, their Professional) allowing comfort, concealability and fast access to your concealed carry gun — and they actually work. Starting with a very soft but durable suede against your skin, that’s followed up with a layer of neoprene (wetsuit material) which is waterproof, but also cushions you from that prodding), and the final outside layer is high-quality leather. In the Professional model, there’s a perfectly molded polycarbonate sheath holding the gun, having a built-in triggerguard lock. You unlock it with a twist of the wrist during the draw. A solid design point is the rotatable belt clip allowing you to wear this inside-the-waistband rig with your shirt tucked in!

If you buy your pants an inch or two larger for IWB carry, and loosen your belt appropriately, you’ll find it can actually be very comfy. The suede on these designs has a sort of friction fit to your skin, keeping the weight of the gun supported by your body rather than the belt, so your pants don’t go south. And, the Professional allows 1-handed re-holstering if needed, and that’s handy. They are handmade and show real American innovation, pride in craftsmanship and careful thought. Let’s support this family-owned business, which also happens to have a great idea or two. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/n82, (336) 479-3562
By Roy Huntington

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