New Product Of The Day: SIG Sauer P320

The P320 Subcompact places the same fire control module as the Fullsize, Carry or Compact into an easy-to-carry package. Measuring 6.67 inches long, the Subcompact frame holds 12 rounds of 9mm. It will also accept 15- and 17-round magazines. The Subcompact features a modular, one-piece stainless steel frame and the fire-control module can be converted to accept different size grip modules. The P320 is available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG and .45 Auto. SIGLITE night sights come standard.

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One thought on “New Product Of The Day: SIG Sauer P320

  1. Will Lawson

    It looks like Sig Sauer has produced yet another fine product that we can’t own in California. I know that’s not their ‘fault’, but the same package with a 10-round capacity would really be interesting here.

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