New Products May/June 2018 Issue

911 .380 Pistol

Springfield Armory
Springfield Armory’s 911 .380 is an ideal pistol for every day carry. It’s small, but shoots and feels like a full-size firearm. The gun is invisible until you need it, with the frame measuring only 5.5″ long and less than 4″ high. Made of 7075 T6 anodized hard-coat aluminum, the pistol’s smooth profile is undetectable under clothing and the low profile ensures a snag-free draw. It’s designed for life-saving defensive use at close range. For more info: (800) 680-6866,

Priming Tool Kit

Lee Precision Inc.
Lee Precision’s Priming Tool Kit (Product #90215) comes with the New Auto-Prime and eight of the most popular priming tool shell holders. It works with over 130 different cartridges and holds an additional 10 shell holders. The kit is a convenient way to keep tool and shell holders all in one place. For more info: (262) 673-3075,

New Ammo Armor

Ammo Armor
The New Ammo Armor protects spare magazines from dust and dirt so they don’t get jammed. It also keeps the ammo from being damaged. Designed and manufactured in the U.S., the Ammo Armor is made of military-grade ABS plastic with a tapered opening for easy use. It is dustproof, impact-resistant and water-repellant. For more info: (800) 542-2666,

Mission Critical MC-10

Otis Technology
Mission Critical MC-10 from Otis Technology cleans and lubricates firearms to ensure their good performance. Use the MC-10 cleaner first in order to remove oils or solvents; then apply the lubricant on the firearm using the microfiber cloth. To leave a protective film, liberally spray lubricant on the firearm. The Mission Critical package includes the cleaner and lubricant, both in a 1-fl. oz. spray bottles and a microfiber cloth in a reusable metal tin. For more info: (315) 348-4300,

Mini Scabbard

DeSantis Gunhide
The Mini Scabbard from DeSantis Gunhide is one of 13 holsters from DeSantis that fit the Springfiled Armory 911. The holster has been reduced to the bare essentials yet offers a secure grip on the handgun due to an exact molding and adjustable tension device. It will accommodate belts up to 1.75″ wide. For more info: (631) 841-6300,

Pro Range Bag

Drago Gear
The Pro Range Bag from Drago Gear is the ideal range companion. It can carry multiple pistols, ammo and shooting accessories. A zip-down front organizer holds six magazines; internal compartments hold hearing and eye protection and more. A movable divider helps keep pistols and ammo organized. For more info:

Shoulder Holster

White Tiger Leatherwork
The Shoulder Holster is White Tiger Leatherwork’s favorite model to build. It features a tension adjustable mag pouch and a fully adjustable harness to fit all body types. With this model, the gun is carried at 45 degrees. The holster is constructed with all-steel hardware and can be customized to sport exotic skins and customer-designed laser engraving. White Tiger can build this model for over 200 guns. For more info: (574) 527-6870,


SIG SAUER calls its new high-capacity micro compact P365 the ultimate concealed carry pistol. The striker-fired 9mm pistol is smaller and lighter than most pistols in its class. It measures 1″ wide, 5.8″ long, 4.3″ tall and weighs only 17.8 oz. with an empty magazine. The P365 comes with a patent-pending, narrow-neck, modified double-stack magazine that holds 10 rounds in both the flush-fit and extended versions, plus one in the chamber, for a full capacity of 11 rounds. An optional 12-round extended magazine equips the P365 with full-size 13-round capacity. For more info: (603) 610-3000,

Baby Bowie

Bear & Son Cutlery
The Baby Bowie features a 3″, 440 stainless steel blade with a full body tang. Overall length is 6.5″; weight is 2.5 oz. The knife is offered in two handle materials: Genuine India Stag bone or White Smooth bone. The new Baby Bowie also comes with a leather sheath to protect the blade when not in use. For more info: (800) 844-3034,

Competition-Ready Magazines

Majestic Arms Ltd.
Competition-Ready Magazines for the RUGER 22/45 and Mark IV are now available from Majestic Arms. They feature an improved follower spring, Moly-coated tubes, an enlarged loading button and an extended aluminum competition-style base pad. The magazines are available singly or in a cost-saving twin pack. For more info: (718) 356-6765 www.americanhandgunner/company/majestic-arms-ltd

Entity Series

Maxpedition Hard Use Gear
The Entity Series is Maxpedition’s new line for discreet concealed carry. It is ideal for covert operators. A sleek, modern exterior devoid of characteristics associated with the “tactical look” masks an interior that’s organized and ready for unforeseen situations. For more info: (310) 768-0098,

A-5 Deluxe Quick-Snap Holster

MTR Custom Leather
MTR Custom Leather’s new A-5 Deluxe Full-Size Quick-Snap Holster is handcrafted with double military directional steel snaps on each leather strap. The A-5 features a reinforced mouthpiece (retains the opening for easy re-holstering) and a sweat/body shield (protects user from sharp edges of the gun while also keeping it away from body oils and sweat). The New Deluxe Full-Size Quick-Snap conceals the full length of the firearm while carrying OWB. For more info: (336) 879-2166,

Brass Vehement Apocalypse Etched Precision Press Pen

Tuff Writer Inc.
The Brass Vehement Apocalypse Etched Precision Press Pen combines the classic Tuff Writer design with C360 Naval Brass, a timeless material prepped and finished for an hour before being sent to Vehement Knives for their special acid wash. Each etch is unique and applied by hand making every pen one-of-a-kind. For more info: (480) 329-6105,

PKO-45 Semi Auto

Heizer Defense
The PKO-45 from Heizer Defense is a slim .45 ACP semi auto designed as a concealed carry and home defense pistol. Also called the Pocket 45, it is made with US aerospace-grade stainless steel and is a lightweight at 25 oz. A major feature of the pistol is the reversed guide rod spring and fixed barrel. They lower the bore axis to reduce felt recoil and eliminate muzzle rise. It has a 5+1 capacity with a flush magazine and a 7+1 capacity with the extended magazine. At .08″ wide, the PKO-45 is the thinnest .45 ACP semi auto on the market. For more info: (888) 965-0972,

Covert Series

Sneaky Pete Holster
The new Covert Series of holsters from Sneaky Pete is designed not to look like holsters. Available in five different designs, the options from the Covert Series allow comfortable, concealed and of course covert carry. Constructed of 1050 Denier Nylon — the strongest ballistic nylon available — all holsters are custom-made to fit different pistols. They are lined with Kydex, close securely with silent neodymium magnets and come with a belt clip or belt loop. For more info: sneaky-pete-holsters

Freedom Cabinet

Metal Art of Wisconsin
The Freedom Cabinet is the latest addition to Metal Art of Wisconsin’s 2nd Amendment collection. The cabinet comes with a tough foam insert that can be configured to store guns or anything else you want to conceal. It is encased in a steel, lockable frame. Available in 2-, 3- and 4-foot sizes, this strongbox is a decorative art piece that’s also utilitarian. For more info: (920) 717-0635;

DUO Kydex Holster

Deep Conceal
The DUO Kydex Holster Pocket Insert combines the comfort of Deep Conceal’s soft-shoulder holsters with the convenience and retention of Kydex. It attaches to the inside pockets of Deep Conceal shoulder holsters like the Ultra, Universal, BobCat and Lotus. Just use the sticky tape and insert the DUO into the holster pocket. The DUO is now available for most popular handguns. For more info: (877) 443-3486,

1911A1 Carbine

Iver Johnson Arms Inc.
Iver Johnson’s 1911A1 Carbine in .45 ACP looks like a rifle mated to a 1911 pistol. It has a matte blued frame and slide and a detachable walnut stock. The 16.25″ barrel has a black oxide finish. With an overall length of 35″, the carbine sports 1911A1 military-style parts as well as double-diamond grips in walnut with engraved logo. It comes with one 8-round magazine. Unloaded, the rifle weighs 4 lbs. Its length of pull is 19″. For more info: (321) 636-3377,

1911 Magazine

Wilson Combat
Wilson Combat’s new upgraded 10-round 1911 Magazine comes in .45 ACP with a wrap-around base pad. The base pad assembly, made of polymer, adds grip for enhanced shooting and rapid reloading. The magazine also includes a high-strength stainless steel spring and a fiber-reinforced nylon ETM style follower. The 1911 magazines are ideal for competition, carry or tactical use. For more info: (870) 545-3635,

Vulcan Holster

John Bianchi Frontier Gunleather
The Vulcan (Model #225) is an update to the classic Bianchi original Askins Avenger holster. It sports a modest carry angle to keep the gun balanced and snug against the body. The Vulcan is available for most small- and medium-frame revolvers and comes in black, saddle tan or chestnut. It is made to fit a 1.5″-wide heavy trouser belt. Picture shows the Vulcan with smooth leather lining in a saddle tan finish. For more info: (760) 895-4401,

2018 TIG Series Desert Eagle

Magnum Research Inc.

The 2018 TIG Series Desert Eagle is being released by Magnum Research in a custom Battle Worn Bronze Cerakote finish. The Desert Eagles in the TIG series are in .50 AE and will be hand-finished to give each a unique look. The first 50 guns will be sold together with the Kahr ST9 TIG and the Auto Ordnance Tommy Gun TIG in a 3-gun set. The book 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi autographed by John “TIG” Tiegen — former GRS Operator and survivor of the Benghazi attack — comes with the set. For more info: (218) 746-3459,

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