CrossBreed Confidant Magazine Carrier


The all-new Confidant Magazine Carrier from CrossBreed is designed to securely accept a range of pistol magazines from multiple firearm manufacturers in assorted sizes.

Everyday carry and CCW practitioners, who often call on multiple handguns to meet specific carry conditions depending on changing situational needs, clothing requirements, and other considerations, no longer need multiple magazine carriers.

Made from a combination of high-impact and flexible polymers, the Confidant has a self-adjusting, multi-fit design that expands when a magazine is inserted while retaining sufficient retention that never requires adjusting or fine-tuning. What’s more, this ability to expand and contract allows the Confidant to accommodate multiple magazine sizes and styles.

The Confidant is comprised of front and rear clamshell-style panels made of a rugged polymer. These panels offer impact protection for the magazine and a mounting point for the clip-on belt loop. With its low-profile, reversible carry design, the Confidant can be worn easily and discreetly in either OWB or IWB configurations.

The Confidant Magazine Carrier will fit most common pistol magazines, including, but not limited to:

• GLOCK 19, 17, 43, 48
• Springfield Hellcat
• Sig Sauer P320, P365
• S&W Shield

MSRP: $29.95

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