Night Ops

If you are an experienced deer hunter, reading this column there isn’t a hell of lot I can tell you. Inexperienced guys? Practice shooting a lot, and not just from a bench. Use at least a .357 Magnum, but not so much power you can’t handle it. Put in a lot of time hunting because if you aren’t out there, nothing is going to happen. Different areas call for different hunting tactics.

Hunting around the world often is quite different from anything here. Some of it is done entirely at night. In some hot dry areas, animals don’t come out to feed until the dew wets the vegetation. That often means 11 p.m. A hundred miles from that area, tropical jungle may be the only place to hunt, and often one of the hunters carries an auto battery on his back to power a powerful floodlight. In either case, insects may be horrible, requiring a mask over the mouth and nose. In Northern Australia, the flies make life miserable for at least a couple hours each day. I have a photo of one side of my wife’s hat, showing over 200 flies on it.

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