Engineering Points

Both of these Bisley Models are heavy sixguns, with the .480 weighing in at an even three pounds, while the .454 weighs one ounce more according to my postal scale. Sights are the typical Ruger adjustable, with a fully adjustable rear sight matched up with a ramp front sight both of which are the way they should be — black. Trigger pulls on both guns are relatively smooth and weigh in at 31/2 lbs. according to my Brownell’s Trigger Gauge. Using pin gauges I took the measurement of the chamber mouths of both sixguns with the .454 accepting a 0.454" gauge while the .480 Ruger measured out at 0.476".

These sixguns are almost perfect — almost. Both of them exhibit what seems to be a standard problem with adjustable-sighted Rugers, namely the pin holding the rear sight in place has a tendency to back out. This is an easy fix by simply pinching one end of the pin and driving it back into place.