You’ve heard before a handgun is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable. But if it isn’t reasonably comfortable, you won’t carry it. For realistic comfort the handgun needs to be packed high on the belt and one of the first to realize this was Tom Threepersons, who designed what still just may be the Perfect Packin’ Pistol Scabbard. Tom’s design came about more than 40 years after the Perfect Packin’ Pistol arrived. Until then, the Perfect Packin’ Pistol was somewhat handicapped by not having comparable leather to go along with it.

Threepersons made several changes to the widespread Mexican Loop-style holster in use at the time. He raised it high on the belt, removed the voluminous back flap, angled the holster with about a 20- to 30-degree backward slant, which later became known as the FBI Slant, and removed all excess leather. At the time, Tom was packing an example of one of the first PPP’s, namely the .45 Colt SAA with a 43/4" barrel.

The first SAA’s, as mentioned above, had 71/2" barrels. I still find this barrel length one of the best balanced for shooting and certainly one of the easiest to make hits. Many of these were cut back by the military to make them easier to handle and carry as they became the Artillery Model with a 51/2" barrel. This first PPP came to be by cutting the barrel back even with the ejector rod, which gave it a barrel length of 43/4". This soon became the choice of those who wanted an easy-to-carry sixgun that was as fast from leather.