Packing In Pink

Yeah, I know … it’s pink. And many women hate the thought of our industry “catering” to them with pink stuff. “There little lady, it’s just like the big-boy’s stuff, but purty pink so’s you can have fun too.” My wife, Suzi, retired cop, editor of our American COP magazine, hunter, rifleman, etc., grits her teeth when she sees a pink gun — Grrrr. But … this is a bit different, and even she agrees.

Packing In Pink isn’t something foisted on women shooters by some male marketer, but is the brainchild of Kim Paige, who founded her company in 2008. As a new shooter then, she found she simply couldn’t find accessories allowing her to use quality equipment — with any sort of feminine flair. She wanted to help many women get more comfortable behind a gun, so designed a full range of shooting accessories and womens’ apparel. The rest is, as they say, history. Kim also donates a portion of every sale to breast cancer research, so women are helping other women when they use Packing In Pink gear.
Kim recently introduced a line of American-made holsters and mag pouches for popular handgun models. Partnering with famed Blade-Tech Industries (see Carry Options in this issue), PIP’s new line consists of gear that can be used for day-to-day concealment or on the competition range. All holsters are also IDPA and IPSC legal. And, yes … they’re pink, and unabashedly so! So far, women, from top-level competitors to regular Janes, are really taking to Packing In Pink’s gear, and support Kim’s take on women, shooting and our industry.

According to Kim, “Packing in Pink was founded on the philosophy that just because I shoot like a man, doesn’t mean I have to look like one!” Packing in Pink’s latest offering simply builds on Kim’s energetic philosophy — one always focused on helping women enjoy shooting more. While I’ll be the first to realize pink isn’t for every lady shooter, Kim’s high-quality gear is the match for anything on the market for we guys, so you can buy in confidence. For more info:, (855) 747-4867
By Roy Huntington

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