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Timeless Tradition

[…] knockdown power with the .45 instead of the 9mm M9 Beretta. Built on surplus WWII Colt frames and slides, the […]

.22LR Conversion Units

[…] pistols, the Browning High Power, and some models of the Beretta/Taurus and Glock line. SIG-Sauer offers a conversion unit to […]

Maintaining The 1911 Pistol

[…] with the double action S&W revolver, was carrying a Department-issue Beretta Centurion 96G when we first met, and wore an […]

Bacon-Wrapped Apple Pie?

[…] ability, the little knife performs far above its size. The Beretta 71 .22 LR, shown here with the 6″ barrel, […]

Recover Grip And Rail

[…] but are taking pre-orders for a model to fit the Beretta 92 series. Our test sample fit well and felt […]