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I Don’t Like Guns

[…] I expect. It works.” She really liked the fiber optic sights on the Springfields so I will have to fire […]

Accessories for Slim Compacts

[…] Offering a favorable size-to-capacity ratio, guns like the GLOCK 43X/48, SIG SAUER P365/P365 XL and Springfield Armory Hellcat have become […]

Police Ammo For The Rest Of Us?

[…] to the Virginia State Police and Richmond PD, 125-gr. .357 SIG Gold Dot is dropping felons with amazing alacrity. Secret […]

Eating Crow

[…] I moved to lightweight .45 autos, eventually settling on a Sig P220. I know, not small and compact, but compared […]

Who Should Choose the Gun?

[…] panels, allowing greater hand size adaptability. This is also a significant factor in the meteoric rise in LE adoptions of […]

The Ruger American Pistol

[…] the market catches the vision, buys into the product, and signs on for a long-term contract That seems to be […]

SIG Sauer 210">

The SIG Sauer 210

[…] service pistol, known variously as the Model 47/48, Model 48, SIG Neuhausen, and commercially as the Model 210, was widely […]

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