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Powder River Precision

[…] of XD products, including an innovative striker safety lever and an over-travel stop trigger that’s been OEM’d by maker Springfield Armory.

Big Capacity! New EAA Witness2311

[…] new crop of double-stack “1911” pistols on the market: Staccato, Springfield Armory and now, EAA Girsan. The new Witness2311 family […]

Catching Up With Goodies

[…] long time, trying it on a Glock, 1911’s, an HK, Springfield XD’s, a S&W Shield, Rugers, a Taurus, a Walther or two, and it worked just fine on everything. It looks “busy” but once you figure it out it’s fast and easy. It lives on my workbench!, (205) 533-2033, [email protected]”>[email protected] I wrote up the classic Concorde Aviator sunglasses from […]

Heavy Defensive Loads

[…] these cartridges with 115-, 124- and 147-grain bullets. From my Springfield Armory 1911 9mm, Buffalo Bore’s loads give the following […]

Marked As Stupid

[…] outwit some people. Take the time I bought a sporterized Springfield ‘03 after agonizing over whether I should buy it […]

I Don’t Like Guns

My grumbling aside, Ray’s choice of the Springfield XD(M) (5.25) and XD-E were spot-on as ways to tempt Cindy into […]

Handgun Home Defense

[…] it’d be hard to get more serious than the new Springfield Armory XD(M) in 10mm. Available as a 4.5″ or […]

SHOT 2018 Product Highlights

In the “Isn’t it cute?” category, from Springfield comes the 911 pistol in .380 ACP, a compact aluminum-framed pistol like […]

A Retro-Mod 1911

[…] love high performance, like with my motorcycles. I had this Springfield Armory base gun and after looking at it hard […]

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