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How Accurate Is ‘Accurate’

[…] outstanding shooting with triggers such as the GLOCK Safe Action, Springfield XD and Smith & Wesson M&P triggers. Such pulls […]

.38 Super Or Super .38?

[…] Super .38″ as is a 1911-sized Wilson Combat Classic. Both Springfield Armory and Kimber mark their semi-automatics “.38 Super.” It […]

Budget Beaters

[…] to the crowded field of smallish concealed carry handguns, the Springfield Armory Hellcat’s primary boast is a capacity of 11+1 […]

the rise and fall of the .45 GAP

[…] a slimmer grip-frame and shorter trigger reach, as did the Springfield Armory XD45, the first achieved with a 10-round magazine […]

Gunnysack: Lyman Accusight

[…] of sight adjusters, installers, and removers. Each one fits just one type of slide — GLOCK, S&W, Springfield Armory — whatever.

Colt .22 Service Model ACE Pistol

[…] Colt indicating this pistol was shipped to the Commanding General, Springfield Armory, Springfield, Mass., on December 16, 1941 in a […]

A Wonderful Time of Year

[…] her scope and sight it in at the range. Since Springfield Armory recently released their SA-35, an improved remake of […]

Happiness Comes Boxed

[…] Jacket) bullets from Speer. They worked so well in my Springfield Government Model that I used them exclusively in action […]

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