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The Best Handgun Trigger

[…] their needs. This is a Bruce Gray flat trigger with around 3½ lb. weight of pull on a SIG SAUER P320.

Something Old, Something New

After Bill Ruger designed his Single-Six .22 sixgun, the .357 Flat Top Blackhawk quickly followed in 1955. Using a heavier […]

Cimarron’s Wild Bunch Of .45’s

[…] 1911’s are fitted with extended and/or ambidextrous thumb safeties, excellent sights of either the tactical or fully adjustable variety, and […]

Cheap Guns?

[…] sometimes forget the “gold” we may have hiding in plain sight in a drawer or in the back of the […]

Ruger’s Top 10

[…] of the advent of what is still the best semi-auto design ever offered, and the pistol was the new SR […]

The Snake Strikes Again!

[…] still had their Official Police which when fitted with adjustable sights and target grips was known as the Officers Model. […]

Walther P38

Walther wasn’t the only one riffing on their proven design. British stalwart Webley & Scott promptly made a DA 9mm […]

Little Big Gun

[…] it to the range with some Black Hills, Federal and SIG SAUER defensive .380 ammo to run it through the […]

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