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Walther’s CCP M2

[…] easier to hide, and a few bigger ones like the Beretta 84, but none of them are as soft-shooting, with […]

A J-Frame Date

[…] Wood is a writer who commands my instant respect. His Beretta Pistols, the Ultimate Guide is by my bedside and […]

Pistol Cartridge Semi-Auto Carbines

[…] extenders increasing the length of pull from 13.5″ to 14.5″. Beretta has Storms accepting the magazines of the company’s semi-auto […]

Web Blast: Don’t Gripe Get Grips

[…] tape” surface, and they’re a “best buy for the bucks.” Beretta 92/M9 shooters take note: Slim-profile XTRs attach with standard […]

Taurus G3 9mm

[…] a close mirror of the popular S&W Model 10. Enter Beretta. In 1974, the Italian gunmaker won a contract to […]

New Products Sept/Oct 2018 Issue

Jarvis Gunsmithing The Jarvis Compensator for the Beretta 92 reduces muzzle rise allowing a shooter to produce smaller group sizes […]