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The First Big Bore Sixguns

[…] the first installment (July/Aug 2016) when Sam Walker approached Sam Colt with the idea of improving and enlarging the Paterson, […]

The First Big-Bore Sixguns

[…] back of the cylinder with a percussion cap. However, unlike Colt revolvers following, the Paterson did not have a triggerguard, […]

The Dragoons

[…] modern collectors applied to the next series of improvements Samuel Colt made on his revolving handguns after the Walker version […]

The Impossible Python

In 1955 Colt introduced the soon to be legendary Python. Originally conceived as a sort of “super-grade” target revolver, the […]

Born Again Bisley

In the early 1890s, Colt was playing catch-up in the target revolver category, while records were being broken with S&W’s […]