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New Must-Haves

[…] to accommodate some of the popular service pistols like the Glock, XD and M&P, as well as the 1911. Its […]

Truly Tiny Handguns

[…] or .25 pocket gun is a poor substitute for a Glock 17 but they both are a heck of a […]

A Close Look At: High Tech

[…] accessory rails with its LaserGrip designs. The LG-452 Laserguard for Glock pistols attaches to the triggerguard; it uses one CR2 […]

New Mossberg MC2c

[…] 4.9″, width of 1.1″ and empty weight 21 oz. Those are smaller or the same as the popular slimline GLOCK 48.

Same Page = Safe Home

[…] 2 years ago, was practicing his drawing technique with his Glock and killed his wife as she walked into the […]

Maintaining The 1911 Pistol

[…] Centurion 96G when we first met, and wore an issue Glock 22 at the time of his retirement. He developed […]

Powder River Precision

[…] been very pleased with its accuracy in my Gen 3 Glock 19 as well. While I did not notice it […]

Exclusive: Airsoft Guns

[…] have bright red/orange marking at the muzzle. Here, a “real” Glock is at the top, but you can see how […]

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