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Why Do We Shoot?

Why shoot? For the owner of this Colt Navy, it was to protect themselves. This is one of a pair […]

The .38-44

[…] the Outdoorsman with target sights and only 6½” barrel length. Colt’s Single Action Army was strong enough. In fact my […]

Peter The Power Meter

[…] it was the practice to calibrate major loads using a Colt Commander (41/4″ barrel) and Winchester 230-gr. FMJ. I was […]

Why So Many Sights?

As the story goes, William Bonney and Tom Horn met in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Tom was just 15, Billy […]

What Would Elmer Do?

[…] Rim cartridge and the 454424 is made for the .45 Colt. The 452423 weighs in around 235 grains, depending upon […]

Another Dirty Gun Run…

[…] and commanding shooters! Years past have seen us toting pre-war Colts and S&Ws, along with some of the newer big […]

Howdah ’Bout That!

[…] is the exclusive importer of Pedersoli’s Howdah. Chambered in .45 Colt/.410 shotgun, the double-triggered, breech-loading gun is very reminiscent of […]


[…] amigo, and after a delicious meal they commence building a Colt SAA from a box of parts the old codger […]

Webley MKV1 .455

[…] I enthusiastically disagree. The only place it could better either Colt’s or S&W’s Model 1917 .45 ACPs is it has […]

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