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Mr. Jenkins

[…] who enjoyed shooting bullseye matches with his custom Clarke Custom Colt 1911. For 45 years he worked on rocket propulsion […]

Ladies Guns

[…] varied mix of shooting backgrounds. Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Kimber, Colt and North American Arms all had handguns there to […]

How Accurate Is ‘Accurate’

[…] often better triggers. Sights on the Browning Hi Power or Colt Government Model circa 1970 were dreadful tiny little things […]

Ker-Plunk Vs. Whoosh

[…] later. On the bench was a .30 Luger barreled 1911 Colt. He said this was his favorite caliber and wanted […]

When “9mm” Isn’t 9mm

[…] in 1903 along with the FN 1903 pistol. Like the Colt series, it’s semi-rimmed, hence the SR designation. It’s less […]

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