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2001 Articles

[…] 2001 Handloading 28 HJF0130 Cimarron Arms offers Cartridge Conversions that Colt should have made John Taffin Jan/Feb 2001 The Colts […]

Can A Pistolsmith Fix It?

[…] innocent and weak, this situation is not acceptable. The discontinued Colt Government Model .380 is a good possible option for […]

G. Wm. Davis

[…] and #453 Liberty holster. Back then it carried a stock Colt Gold Cup, today it holds a Nighthawk Falcon. If […]

Fast Draw Legend Bob Munden Passes

[…] Cooper family to earn the privilege of borrowing Col. Cooper’s Colt single-action revolver to compete in Big Bear shooting matches. […]

Two New Ruger Sixguns:

[…] with adjustable sights. Unfortunately the little Bearcat had traditional fixed Colt Single Action-style sights which is the only negative attribute […]

Rugers For The Trail

[…] this for five or six years until I purchased a Colt Woodsman Match Target .22 pistol. I didn’t even look […]

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