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Skeeter’s Guns

[…] the safe after Skeeter died was an engraved 1950s vintage Colt 1911 with S&W rear sight. Bart always liked this […]

The Magical Model 12

[…] just carried a lot. While I loved J-Frames and D-Frame Colts — and still do — the K-Frame sized Model […]

The Keith #5 Single-Action Revolver

[…] true believer. Croft spent much time and money improving standard Colt SAAs, looking to develop lightweight weapons for self-defense. He […]

Pistol-Caliber Carbines

[…] how the concept began. It was simple logistics. Winchester and Colt started it by making rifles, carbines and revolvers firing […]

Loading The .38 Super

[…] bought the three semi-auto pistols they had. They were all Colt Commanders and chambered in .45 ACP, 9mm and .38 […]

Legacy Of Steel

[…] of these masters of steel at work at both the Colt and Smith & Wesson factories. While at Colt Armorers […]

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