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Colt Python">

The Colt Python

[…] one-handed is king. Cops’ holsters are filled with either a Colt or S&W DA revolver, with more of the former […]

The Peacemaker Centennials

[…] the time this is printed I will have been shooting Colt SAA’s for 48 years. I’ve owned them in calibers […]

The Babies

As early as 1848 Samuel Colt realized the military market was going to be finite. After all, the U.S. Army […]

Traditions 1873 WheelGun

That Sam Colt, he was quite a man. Deserving of: “God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal.” Colt’s […]

Carry ‘Em With Six!

[…] with the new. Their single actions now have the traditional Colt action of opening the loading gate, putting the hammer […]

.44 Special Five Guns

Sam Colt started it all. In 1836 his Colt Paterson became the first truly workable revolver. Chambered in both .36 […]

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