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Big Bore Revolvers

[…] bigger cartridges such as the .44 Special, .44 Mag., .45 Colt, .454 Casull, .460 S&W Mag., .50 Wyoming Express, .500 […]

Forgetting To Remember

[…] the company names kept jumping out at me. Winchester, Lee, Colt, Hodgdon, Sierra, RCBS, Dupont, Dynamit Nobel, RWS, Daisy, Navy […]

Born Loser?

[…] sixgun—with stag grips. James Arness’ Matt Dillon character carried a Colt Single Action with a 7 ½-inch barrel with stag […]

Magazine Capacity Hysteria

[…] “What kind of hand gun?” Mr. Cogburn: “A forty-four forty Colt’s revolver.” Mr. Goudy: “Loaded and cocked?” Mr. Cogburn: “If […]

The Gunfighter Load, Explained

A long-time fan of revolvers like this .45 Colt USFA Colt clone, Special Assignments Editor Roy Huntington explains how to […]

Specialization Is For Insects

[…] Glocks, or Winchester lever actions, or sporting clays shotguns, or Colt SAA revolvers — and the list goes on. But […]

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