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[…] was an FN 1900, s/n 56666. “Bat” Masterson relied on Colt single-action revolvers in his days in the Old West. […]

Keith No. 5 Grip Frames

[…] the years, using a variety of basic guns from USFA, Colt and Ruger. While interest remains high, commissions don’t come […]

Recoil And Discomfort

[…] a locked breech .380? Mainly because there aren’t many made. Colt used to make a locked breech .380, which was […]

Timing Is Everything

[…] soon wear and would be difficult to keep in “time.” Colts use essentially the same process but as the trigger […]

Springfield Armory’s XD(M) 10mm

[…] the bells and whistles. The grip-to-frame angle approximates the revered Colt 1911, and an unobtrusive grip safety makes the guns […]

Handguns Of WWII, Part 5

[…] nation in World War II. Naturally at this point rabid Colt 1911 fans are gnashing their teeth and thinking, “How […]

Tyler Gun Works

[…] particular frame size is approximately the same size as a Colt Peacemaker. Bobby’s first run of “special project” guns was […]

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