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Sub-Caliber Sense

So you have a quality centerfire handgun for personal defense. Should you have a .22-caliber version as well?

The Sixgunner: Playin’ Favorites: The 1911 .45 ACP

The original 1911, just as my 1914 Commercial version, had very small sights, at least for my eyes, a hammer that would quite often bite the area of the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger and a flat mainspring housing. In 1923, the 1911 became the 1911A1 with two minor changes. One of the complaints of the 1911 was it had a tendency to shoot low. To bring the pistol up naturally the flat mainspring housing was given an arch which moved the hand back slightly. To compensate for this the long trigger was shortened. Over the years better sights arrived and the tang on the grip safety was lengthened to help alleviate hammer bite. Today this problem is mostly solved by a beavertail grip safety matched up with a rounded spur hammer.

Old Gun Love

Interesting things start happening after completing our 50th ride around the sun, especially among hardcore gunmen and women.