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Seasoned Guns

[…] maker. Whether it’s George Patton’s registered Magnum, Roy Rogers’ engraved Colt Single Action Army or Dirty Harry’s S&W Model 29 […]

The Crew-Served Handgun

[…] Offensive Handgun Weapon System competition came down to HK and Colt. The Colt offering was an amalgam of several designs, […]

At Close Range

[…] is, would his setup really work? I took along my Colt Diamondback to put the businessman’s strategy to the test. […]

Bottle Rockets

[…] reputation for accuracy. My daily carry gun is a Novak Colt with a Bar-Sto fit to it, and from the […]

Who Needs A .357 Anyway?

[…] velocity. However, it’s still a potent load. In my 71/2″ Colt it clocks out at 1,360 fps and groups in […]

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