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FMG Publications Videos

[…] umarex_beretta taurus taurus taurus APO_video3 walther_arms_video tetra_gun_care truglo cool_fire fort_knox […]

Handguns Of WWII, Part 5

[…] Luger, Germany’s most recognized World War II handgun was the Walther-designed P38. It’s credited as being the first military pistol […]

Hi-Power Shootings

[…] gets the impression many preferred this pistol to their own Walther P-38’s and Lugers. Mehmet Ali Agca, the would-be assassin […]

P35 Vs. P38

[…] German Army (Heer) adopted a replacement pistol designed by the Walther firm. It was named for that year — P38. […]

The 9mm Makarov:

[…] for a Hungarian-made PA-63. It’s an unashamed knock-off of the Walther PP, but chambered for the 9mm Makarov, a cartridge […]

Almosts: The .22 Double Deuce

[…] — a small .22 auto pistol very similar to the Walther TPH, but different mechanically. The infamous Gun Control Act […]