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An Expert’s Gun

[…] wheelguns were the backbone of police work. Plus, wearing a Colt Detective or Chief’s Special was the hallmark of a […]

Rescued Dogs

[…] and a favorite of mine, was known to tinker with Colt SAA’s, changing barrels and cylinders to different calibers. With […]

Weighing Your Options

[…] bullet could be fired at 900 fps from a .45 Colt, or at 1,900 from a .454 Casull. Designing bullets […]

home defense against a mob

[…] arresting officer who identified the weapons. They found two .38 Colt revolvers hidden in a mattress in an upstairs bedroom, […]

The Safe, Not Sorry Lessons

[…] assault. I had a Smith .38 revolver; he had a Colt semi-automatic Super .38. He just kept shooting, but he […]

Speak Out March/April 2018

[…] Model 999, the other was the “Roamin’ Pony” about a Colt having special meaning, but had strayed, then found its […]


[…] in order to make the bullet obturate. For example, the Colt .45 has a SAAMI upper pressure limit of 14,000 […]

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