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Fancy Sixgun Leather Holsters

[…] design is stylish in the classical sense, perfectly fitting my Colt New Frontier. The long tail strap allows you to […]

Brains Over Ballistics

[…] a small frame revolver — a J-Frame Smith or a Colt Detective — shoved into a pocket. It was extremely […]

The .40 Story

[…] a three year stint at High Standard, he went to Colt Industries, where, as a Design Engineer for six years, […]

Three Old Reliables

Be Unique And Hit The Bullseye With 2400! We are indeed fortunate today to not only have so many powders […]

Gun Rights: Why Are We Armed?

[…] a firearm far exceeds the value of a broadsword. Sam Colt’s great equalizer works on the person-to-person scale, and writ […]

Handguns Of WWII Part 12

[…] for revolvers. That does not apply with the Model 1917 Colts and Smith & Wessons. They generally shoot better with […]

Who Should Choose the Gun?

[…] service revolver,” members of the service had the choice of Colt or S&W and later, Ruger. Today it’s 9mm auto […]

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