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Taurus Officer & Commander

[…] are right-hand only. A note here is not all ” Colt-style” parts will fit the Taurus 1911 models so keep […]

Home-Made Mortars

[…] living room wall. You might even own the very 1873 Colt Peacemaker than Moses himself had strapped to his hip […]

The Safe, Not Sorry Lessons

[…] assault. I had a Smith .38 revolver; he had a Colt semi-automatic Super .38. He just kept shooting, but he […]

Rock Island Armory’s

[…] semi-auto .22’s are a real passion with me. Although the Colt Woodsman Match Target and the High Standard Target Pistols […]

MTM Case-Gard

[…] or loads separated easily — for me, blue is .45 Colt, so I know at a glance. Like everyone I […]

Wrangler Vs. Super Single Six

[…] camera attached to the underside of, in this case, a Colt revolver, was activated when the trigger was pulled. Sound […]

The .40 Story

[…] a three year stint at High Standard, he went to Colt Industries, where, as a Design Engineer for six years, […]

Taurus Raging Hunter .454 Casull

[…] earth, guns chambered for the cartridge can also shoot .45 Colt ammunition, saving the practicing shooter the recoil and expense […]

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