Pelican Red/White/Blue LED

Simple always works best and Pelican’s new 2370 LED gives you white, blue or red light with a quick turn of the cap. It’s LED (AA-powered — even better), delivers a “bright-enough for 99-percent of the stuff you’ll do” 106 lumens on high, and a “check the chamber of my gun” 13 lumens on low. Runtime on high is 3.5 hours and 41 hours on low. That long runtime on low and use of common AA batteries is handy. I was once in a hotel and the city lost power. I had an AA light with a low setting that really saved things, and I was able to read and do some work that night. Ditto for using it as your light in a “grab it and run” bag. The AA feature, colors and low/high modes make a light offering those sorts of options remarkably versatile.

The end-cap button does the momentary on or off, and can “click” to stay on. The pocket clip comes off if you’re gonna’ stash it in a pouch on your belt if you’re a cop, mechanic, in the field or whatever; and that’s a 12-gauge shell in the picture for size, by the way. There’s no “strobie-thingy” which probably doesn’t matter one bit — just between us — for a general use light like this. A basic light that actually turns on when you push the button, then turns off, is what is most-needed for daily life. If you’re needing a combat light, you might want to get one with dedicated features you think are necessary for your use.

I really like this new generation of AA lights with simple controls. Pelican’s helped to nail down the concept with this model — plus you’ve go the red/blue thing going on, all for around $60 or under if you shop-smart. I supposed you could tape it to your bicycle handle and make “woo-woo” sounds as you pedal, turning the color mode cap? I won’t tell. No, really. For more info:, (800) 473-5422
By Roy Huntington

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