Pistolsmith Envelope-Pusher

You’re a quiet, unassuming person. You don’t like to attract a lot of attention at the range. You just want to shoot your guns, police up your brass, pack up and go home. I understand brother; I’m the same way. So here’s what you don’t do. You don’t go to the range with a high-cap 1911-style pistol finished in a vivid and patriotic red, white, and blue. If you do you’re going to get to know everyone on the range.

But if you like to meet people — people who love America, guns, and shooting — the pistol shown here is the ultimate icebreaker. It was made by Mike Watkins, a pistolsmith who is currently in charge of Technical Services with Brownell’s, Inc.

Since we modest folk are also more impressed by performance than appearance, let me assure you these pistols are accurate, reliable and exceptionally well made. Watkins can flat-out build a 1911. He’s been involved in practical shooting since 1972 and in gunsmithing since 1975.

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