Playing’ Favorites .22 Semi-Auto

I’m going to take advantage of my advancing years looking at my favorite handguns, and this will definitely not be objective but rather entirely subjective. These are the guns I have used and prefer; your choice may be entirely different. Choosing favorites is not always easy. Sometimes I can pick one favorite; other times it will be several. With that in mind we herein look at Taffin’s Top .22 semi-autos.

“Oh Papa, I’m afraid!” It was granddaughter number three facing her first time to shoot. She was not in the best of moods to start with as she had gone with me previously and wound up hiding in the pick-up to escape bees that seemed to zero in on her. This time there were no bees and she was going to shoot for the first time using a Ruger MKII .22. With the .22 semi-auto the new shooter only has to concentrate on three things, sight alignment, trigger squeeze and above all safety. We went through all of these and she was still afraid and not quite sure she wanted to do this. By the time she fired that first full magazine it was “Oh Papa this is so much fun!” She was now a full-fledged shooter, and I spent the time keeping her supplied with loaded magazines.

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